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Mite qarshi changyutgich

600 Vt kuchli assimilyatsiya
UV va ultratovushli sterilizatsiya
Changni aqlli aniqlash

Patented brushroll
Chuqur va tez urish

Kuchli kuch

Changni sezish texnologiyasi
Detect the number of dust

Ultrasonic & UV
>99.99% oqadilar olib tashlash darajasi

Dual cyclone system
Avoid secondary pollution

240mm Suction Port
Shomillarni samaraliroq olib tashlang


Patented Competitive Brushroll

Tapping the surface with strong vibrations to lift mites off.
The brushroll is specifically designed for vacuuming on the mattresses, beds, sofas, upholstery and other similar surfaces without any harm.


Dual Cyclonic Filtration

Patented dual-cyclonic filtration, avoiding releasing the harmful bacteria and pathogens to the air again.


UV Killing 99.99% Bacteria

UV-C nurlari bakteriyalar va viruslarning 99.9% ni yo'q qiladi va chang oqadilar falaj qiladi va ularning ko'payish qobiliyatini sekinlashtiradi.


Ultratovush chang oqadilar samarali tarzda o'ldiradi

Ultrasound can destroy the nerves of the mites, prevent the growth of the mites, and effectively eliminate the mites for a long time.Safe for babies.


Smart dust/dust mites sensor

The intelligent detection sensor can calculate the dust mites in the environment with high precision.

Dust mites are everywhere

Studies have shown that mites, pollen, hair, dander, bacteria and other allergens can be easily found in ‘clean’ bed and sofa.There are up to 13270 dust mites in 1g bed dust.


Patented composite brushroll
removes mite deep from mattress

Patented soft rubber strip + soft hair strip composite brushroll, with independent brushroll motor,  JIMMY BX6 can easily pick up fine dust and dust mites deep in the mattress without hurting its surface.




600W dual motors create strong suction power

New generation of upgrated high precision motor provides 600W  power and makes lower noise, energy-saving and efficient.

Ultraviyole nur

LED UV & Ultrasonic Technology

JIMMY BX6 uses LED UV & Ultrasonic technology, sterilization rate and mite removal rate is more than 99.99%.253nm ultraviolet wavelength to destroy mite cells and ultrasonic waves can stop mites reproduction and eating, so that the mites can be removed safely and quickly for a long time .


Patented dual cyclonic
filtration technology

Patented dual cyclone filtration technology, separate dust mite and dust from the air,less clogging on dust cup, machine suction is more constant.


Smart dust/dust mites sensor

The intelligent detection sensor can calculate the dust mites in the environment with high precision.
When the LED light turns red, it means that there are more dust/dust mites, and when it turns green, it means the surface is clean.


Allergy UK Foundation tomonidan sertifikatlangan

Chang oqadilar va allergiyani yo'qotish ta'siri professional agentlik tomonidan sinovdan o'tgan va sertifikatlangan, kanalarni olib tashlash darajasi 99.9%.


240mm widened suction port

The efficiency is greatly improved,cleaning up a bed just in minutes.


3 xil rejim

3 modes can meet your different cleaning needs,clean in place, no damage to clothes.


Bir nechta foydalanish uchun bitta mashina

batafsil ma'lumot

Batafsil ma'lumot


Mahsulot parametr
  • Nominal quvvat: 600W
  • Rated voltage:220-240VV
  • Way of filtration:MIF
  • Working noise:≤78dBA
  • >Dust cup capacity:0.5L
  • Power code length:5M
  • Dust sensor: Yes
  • UV sterilization:Yes
  • Ultrasound:Yes
  • Replacement MIF filter:1
  • Cleaning brush :1
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