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Vakuumli yuvish
va bir qadamda arting

Furniture bottom cleaning

Separate hardfloor/ carpet brushroll

Visible washing system

Smart interact for
easier use

Kumush ioni
uchun antibakterial suv
uzoq muddatli sterilizatsiya

Brushroll self cleaning

Separate solid-liquid garbage collection

Excellent edge cleaning performance


Visible washing system


Voice reminding+LED screen


Mebel ostida tozalash oson


Solid-liquid separate garbage collection


Generate silver ion antibacterial water for long-term sterilization


Separate hardfloor and carpet brushroll design

Hardfloor brushroll for hardfloor vacuuming and washing; Carpet brushroll for all floor type vacuuming and carpet deep cleaning


Self cleaning and brushroll drying function
New generation strong power waterproof motor

JIMMY HW9 Pro upgrades the magnesium alloy waterproof motor, which is fully sealed and waterproof. Motor efficiency improves from 35% to 50%*, making it easy to handle dry and wet garbage. Motor weight reducing by 35%*, JIMMY HW9 Pro is light to carry around.


Separate hardfloor and carpet brushroll design

Composite hardfloor brushroll + rubber strip carpet brushroll, combined with two cleaning modes, powerfully and efficiently solve the problems of dry and wet garbage on different floors in the home.